November 2 '14
Okie-dokie on the low-key

Been passive on the front, but still active in the game. Hit me up though, I'm down to go!

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Read some old news from way back...

August 18 '12
Väärt in VK

Me and Christer at Fågel Produktion made a music video to a song by Väärt, right in time for their new record release and my shot got published in VK as well.

August 11 '12
Lesra at Trädgården

Went out for a crazy evening at Trädgården and later on TC as well.

August 8 '12
Moivi in NSD

Some shots from my trip deep into the woods which I made in april got published in NSD.

July 21 '12
Magic Slim and the Teardrops at Droskan

Got out of my den to shoot the night life of Umeå, hade a wicked night both at Droskan and TC.

June 13 '12
Documentation of EU meeting

Probably don't got the rights to but these shots up, but I thought I'd make a notice at least.

May 1 '12
2 years anniversary for the portfolio!

Still going strong. Let's celebrate with a little update of what else I've been doing this winter (which hopefully will take it's place in a bunch of mags or whatever).

April 16 '12
Been "nowhere", documenting a lot

Went to a little cabin far out in the woods, documenting the making of a record by Moivi.

March 12 '12
Cissi makes a brochure

Going strong with the furnitures, always a good luck to you my friend. Here are one and two portraits for the brochure!

February 29 '12
Another trip, another hostel...

Got a good taste of home since my last trip, too good. Cause just as I'm about to look forward to being home and all that fine company that comes along, something comes up to drag me away again. Though, shits going down and that's for sure!

I'll attach some references just to make sure you don't think I'm at my ass doing nothing at all winter.

January 20 '12
WE HR profile

Helped out this new started business with some stills for their website.

December 13 '11
"Shooting" babies

Sounds very cruel but as I used a still camera for the shots you shouldn't have to worry about it. Christmas kid far down in the Portraits-section (middle row).

December 8 '11
Jocke Raz on Transition cover!

Epicness! Finally got a cover photo done, plus a few shots in the article. Check it out over here!

November 14 '11
Ripping You Skate Girl poster

The second poster I did for YSG got pretty intense and served it's purpose well.

November 10 '11
Out Of Mercy promos

Those guys finally got it together for a band shoot, got some badass promos to put up in the Promos-section in the far right row!

November 7 '11
Lassabacken collective portrait

Been living for a few years at Lassabacken now, people coming and going but this setup feels nothing but legit!

November 1 '11
Malte the Hundreds

Malte asked me to snap of a portrait of him, easy lightning but turned out pretty good.

October 30 '11
Night life of october

The latest, Halloween at Corona was a wicked night!

> 2011-10-21 Pink Party Weekend (Corona)
> 2011-10-22 Pink Party Weekend (Corona)
> 2011-10-22 Klubb Istid (TC)
> 2011-10-28 Klubb Play (Corona)
> 2011-10-29 After Ski-doo (TC)
> 2011-10-29 Halloween (Corona) < This one!

October 26 '11
Cleo's release party

Nathalie (Cleo) asked me to take some photos at the release party for her first album, so I did! Awesome night by the way.

October 19 '11
Klas 'Böjarn' Beyer snaps

Klas from Random Bastards dropped by for some quick face-shot portaits, got it done in a jiffy!

September 24 '11
A row of ruff nights out

> 2011-09-09 DJ Hångel (Corona)
> 2011-09-10 Rock Your Weekend (Corona)
> 2011-09-10 Fade (TC)
> 2011-09-20 Tisdagsklubben (Corona)
> 2011-09-23 Klubb Play (Corona)

August 14 '11
YSG goes Luleå

Went on another spontanous skate-trip with You Skate Girl to Luleå which I also did a poster for. Had a blast of course!

July 24 '11
Awesome night at TC

Long time since I last went out on a late night drive-by spray at the club, but tonight was the night at Teatercafet!

July 23 '11
Had a wonderful wedding shoot with Hans & Anki

Actually thought I was gonna cover some weddings this summer, but as it turns out this was the first one. The hole day went super and I'm pretty stoked on the reslut, check out one of the goldies!

July 15 '11
Up In Chief Tour 2011 @

Some friends and I went on a one-week skate tour to have a blast. I wrote a little story about it (in Swedish) and published some photos at

June 21 '11
Wicked promos with Laservågen

Had one of the coolest promo shoots ever with the awesome band Laservågen, played around with color filters on flashes and lens filters on cam which turned out wickedly ill. Put 'em up in the Promos-section but you may also see some on their site!

June 6 '11
Trainspotters product shoot

Tried to keep it simple which worked really well but still resluted in one days hard work. Here's one of the new tees and I also noticed they used one of my old shots from a live performance on the new LP.

June 4 '11
Betongcupen Ren Street in Umeå @

Documented Betongcupen, a huge skate competition here in Sweden, on their stop in Umeå for Tacky. Tried aiming on getting tricks with different riders instead of just taking good photos, got pretty hectic but I got lots of shots. Check out even more of the action!

May 4 '11
Monokel product catalog

Went out on a mission from the one and only eyewear-brand with Rolf Nylinder to shoot some covers to a product catalog. They published a few of my shots in it. Epic!

April 13 '11
Monokel-eyewear premiere!

Hottest shades of the summer is here! Rimes, oh rimes... So I got some funky friends who established some quality shades with a killing look that's gonna bring the summer to a hole new level. They also put me on the team as a photographer since I've been shooting a lot with the guys this winter which resulted me getting a new kind of portfolio on the Monokel-site (got about 75% of the shots).

April 4 '11
Updates everywhere!

Got inspired by a poster of MFM doing a huge wall ride, and here's Klas Beyer doing a sick fence ride transfer in Vännesby. Check it out in the Action-section...

Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Klasa plus a couple of new portraits of Stephan and Philip in the Portraits-section...

Recently also put up Rolf Nylinder in Stockholm tunnel in the Lifestyle-section...

March 22 '11
Ersboda & Mariedal Aktuellt cover

Just noticed I got some shots from the Crossing Boarders tour published in a small local communtiy mag. Check it out!

March 18 '11
Wedding at Copperhill

Haven't done a wedding since last summer, but now finally I did not only have a wedding shoot but the first shoot in Åre since I moved here for the winter in December. The wedding was at the fancy Copperhill Mountain Lodge hotel. Shots turned out splendid and I hope to shoot some more weddings in and around Umeå this summer. A few goodies in the Portraits-section...

March 8 '11
Jocke Rasmussen team model!

Been on a two week tour with the Random Bastards snowboard crew in Stockholm and Umeå. Got a bunch of sick shots during this awesome trip which ended up perfectly after a bangin sesh, met with the rest of the crew, Jocke and his new board before their trip to Klimpfjäll. Pretty stoked to present Jocke's team model on Smokin snowboards, designed by Marc Strömberg based on pictures by me.

February 26 '11
Game of S.H.R.E.D. Final at Tacky!

On my little tour in Stockholm we went to the Game of S.H.R.E.D. Final since a few of the riders I was shooting with were in the competition. Here's some of the action in pictures and video.

February 10 '11
Roffe + Tove in Transition!

Here we go again, Transition published a Skype interview with Rolf Nylinder by my buddy Markus "Slemke" Lemke in the latest issue. I went up to Umeå (where I no longer live) for a week to shoot some snowboarding, got some shit done and managed to snake in that shot if Roffe in the last minute.

For the Winter Awards I got a call from Transition editor asking me about a shot of Tove Holmgren which a luckily had, from the tour with Boardstore & Friends.

February 8 '11
Roffe in Method Mag!

My buddy Rolf Nylinder is starting to get some attention in the world of snowboarding. Method Mag did a fresh-meat article about him and used two of my shots, and believe me, it sure was fresh meat!

December 21 '10
CB in Transition!

Suppose this has been official since the beginning the month, though it didn't cross my path until today. Transition published an article in the December issue, including six of my shots from the Crossing Boarders tour last summer. Sweet news! Here's a sneak peak of the article.

December 9 '10
Boardstore & Friends tour

Got asked to join for their Kickoff-trip to Sälen for some indoor surfing and a snowboard competition. Ups 'n' downs, but overall I had a blast!

> Indoor surfing in Sälen
> Snowboard session in Sälen

December 4 '10
Battle Of Botnia: III

BOB has become a yearly fighting gala in Umeå. MMA and thai boxing is usually what's on the menu, but this year they managed to squeeze in a little art performance as well. It was a pleasure to be a part of those scenes!

December 1 '10
Laservågen quick promo

Did a quick promo shoot with an upcoming band in Umeå called Laservågen. Didn't turn out the least as expected from my point of view, but still usable as a community flick I guess.

November 24 '10
Väärt - new promo!

Shot some new promotional band shots and portraits with a local pop/folk-band callad Väärt. Check 'em out in the Promos-section, the far right row!

October 22 '10
Banner and print for Crossing Boarders!

Crossing Boarders arranged a bunch of workshops and other creative events for youths during their week of autumn vacation. I was asked to shoot the banner and a print for Nöjesmagasinet City.

October 13 '10
Battle lost at Yobeat + Finished

A few weeks ago, I entered a photo battle at with the wallride of Tanner and beat two other photos with it before I lost. Still got a pair of gloves and they also published a write up about the shot, sweet move YoBeat! Not least, they also put up a wallpaper of it for you to download!

Not that it really fits in here, but since I had other news this very day I might as well just notify the accomplishment of after some intense work. I'm actually really stoked about it!

October 5 '10
Published in Shred NW!

Another shot from my trip to the States and Donners Pass this winter got published, thanks to Joel Fuquay for his bavery and helping out to get it published. Check out more of the action here!

October 4 '10
Furniture by

Cecilia is a great furniture designer and artist, shot some of her latest products for a show and website. Went really good and I got a chance to play around with my new huge softbox. Put up some of the goodies in the Commercial-section too the right...

September 30 '10
UÅ goes metal!

Marc Strömberg got he latest collection of the UÅ tees for sale. We went out to shoot some commercial shots of them, check 'em out in Commercials...

September 13 '10
Crossing Boarders all over Tacky!

Tacky has finally published my shots from every stop of the Crossing Boarders tour. Lined 'em up for you right here under...

> Umeå and Klabböle (10-11)
> Gothenborg and Area 51 (16)
> Falkenberg (18)
> Malmö and Micro Mega ramp(19-20)
> Get Set Go! (21-22)

September 9 '10
Politics campain

Can't say I'm that much into politics, but I choose to help some rather then others to get some power. Shot this group shot for these guys and a few portraits for their bloggers.

September 7 '10
Handrail at Teg

Joined Warell and Thuresson for a ripping of a pretty nearby handrail, got some sweet shots from the scene which they published on their blog. I also uploaded the one of Thuresson.

September 5 '10
Skate photo workshop

Got a mail from Umemodellen who asked me to give a talk about shooting skateboarding. Snapped off a quick one of Thuresson doing a crooked in the park, turned out pretty good. Went really well all-in-all and lucky as I was this day, Nicke wanted me to shoot a spot just as we were about to finish the course, so we went altogether. Got ONE and TWO shots from the scene.

September 1 '10
Crossing Borders at Tacky!

Back from the skatetour, had a great time though so intense, a week off shooting now was in it's right place. They've published some of the photos on Tacky, but it's a lot more to come!

August 29 '10
Mats Nileskär@Goodfellas

Got asked to do some crowd shots at the club, met a cool dude who knows his soul. Check out the shots in this album > Goodfellas - 28 aug med MATS NILESKÄR (P3 SOUL)

August 14 '10
Went to church again

Went to Vännesby for my third wedding shoot, last one for this summer (which is pretty much over) I suppose...? Really like it though. Gives me the pleasure to meet new people, lets me play around with lightning and take good photos. Put up a few from the last sesh on Flickr > one, two and three.

August 7 '10
Wedding + Crossing Borders girlskate tour!

Had another wedding sesh, not an every day wedding too! At a museum this time, right beside a model of an old village. Uploaded one and two shots to Flickr.

Crossing Borders is a pretty big skate tour for girls from Canada, Mexico and Sweden which is taking place in Sweden right now. And I got the honor to join this awesome crew next week as a photographer, so stoked! Follow us in this set at Flickr!

August 5 '10
New Trainspotters shirts + Skate fisheye sesh!

Eric and Jonas from Randombastards hooked me up once again to shoot some products, did a quick and painless sesh with pleasing results. For your eyes in the Commercial-section...

Also had my first action sesh with the fisheye, shooting some skateboarding with Warell. Uploaded a couple to the Action-section...

July 24 '10
First time shooting wedding, fun!

I'm having a few weddings to shoot this summer actually, first one ever went pretty darn awesome I have to say. Check out the shots in Portraits-section...

July 11 '10
Three shots in "Betty of the Month: Kumara Kelley"

Just got the news from my dear friend Kumara, she became "Betty of the Month" at! The three shots of mine they used was taken this winter close to Northstar at Tahoe.

Aight, ladies n gent's! Light-bag-trip for a couple of weeks or so, just living on the cheap under the sun... latah!

July 6 '10

Another night at Rex! Crowded this time which made me have a really good time as well, met lots of people that I haven't seen in a long time.

Probably gonna shoot at Rex some more in the future, so keep track on that on my Flickr.

July 4 '10
FIRST and second day @ Rex

Got the opportunity to shoot at a local club during this summer. Went for my first sesh last friday and made it two days in a row by going on saturday as well!

June 25 '10
Full page in AU & NZ Snowboarder mag!

Mi dear brethren Matty just informed me that we got a full page in one their local snowboarding mag...! Pretty stoked about that, I must say. Also published by BataleonAUS on Facebook.

June 21 '10
Ida + Lisa + Scotty

Was shooting some at the You Skate Girl tour last week and was supposed to have a sesh with Ida Östensson for some promotional portraits to magazines and articles, but we both totally forgot. Got some great ones today instead, check 'em out in Lifestyle and Promos-section...

Also, my sis asked me for some shots and as she came up with some great ideas, WE came up with some great shots! For your eyes in the row of Portraits...

While putting up new stuff in the other sections, I figured, why not bring some real action as well. Check out Alex Scott's sick wallride from Lake Tahoe in the Action-section...

June 12 '10
Telenor@Fabriken + Sukh Knight@Goodfellas

Intense weekend! Took the day off from my regular work to make some wicked shots all night. First off was Telenor's company holiday party which I wasn't as prepared for as I thought, still turned out to be a blast! Then packed my bag again to go straight back into town for a (k)night to remember, got some ridiculously ill shots.

Thanks Goodfellas x SUKH KNIGHT (UK) x KÖTTA! x TWISTED!

June 5 '10

Had a good time shooting some night club at Teatercafet this weekend, helping out Jon at where he also published my shots.

June 3 '10
Cover for Dank Rap

Random Bastards presents: George Kaplan - Dank Rap featuring Uncle Vernon, Roy, K-Mane! This local underground hiphop band asked me to shoot a cover for their new cassette tape(!) album which is gonna hit the streets any day now. Check out the bangers in Lifestyle, Promos and Commercial to the right...

May 25 '10

A few of my shots from the opening day of Sparken turned up at the T-Post Blog as well. Sweet!

May 22 '10
Opening day of our new skatepark!

Got asked to shoot the opening day of Sparken, a new local skatepark in Umeå. This event got pretty big with a huge crowd which made it both fun and hard to shoot, check out some of the goodies!

May 20 '10
Release of this photographic portfolio!

The thought of this portfolio has been nibbling my mind for a long time now, and I think what made me finally pulling the plug (if not for the support of dear friends and the great people I met along my journey this winter) was the return from a long trip in lovely California. I needed something to look forward to when returning back home from a paradise.

May 9 '10
Väärt promo + Allian blog

Got creative with some mirrors in a promo shoot with the super sweet pop band Väärt.

Just got the news from Jimmy; "got sponsored by Allian snowboards" and it's all right here at the Allian blog for your eyes.

May 6 '10

Shooting new Random Bastards Tees! 4 new designs, one actually shot by myself. See Lifestyle and Commercial for more shots...

May 1 '10
The great return!

Returned from a fantastic 3 months trip in Cali, best thing I've ever did probably. Feels like a starting point for me now to TRY to make something out of this camera game, especially after all the support from my dear friends over there. You know who you are...
Thank you!

Keep track as I'm uploading my photos from the trip in this set at Flickr!

Enough with them old news now? Get rid of 'em!